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"Cathy Corison is a national treasure."Hugh Johnson, Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book


Corison Winery is delighted to support our press and trade partners. We encourage you to visit the winery, taste our wines, and walk through the historic Kronos Vineyard. Please email us to make an appointment. Cathy is on property most weekdays and will make every effort to connect with visitors. We are happy to host you any day, but given our small size and limited staff, we can provide a more personalized tour Monday through Friday before noon.

For wholesale or press inquiries, contact our Sales Manager, Justin Boudrie.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch all of our videos and winemaker commentary.


News Highlights

101 Best Wineries in America

"There's been a recent uptick in female winemakers in California, but Cathy Corison of Napa's Corison Winery is one of the originals: she's been crafting elegant, critically acclaimed cabernet sauvignons for three decades... Her two iterations of the (cabernet) - a Napa Valley entry and a site-specific Kronos Vineyard bottling - consistently show depth, power, and that signature restraint. Other wines from Corison include a Napa cabernet franc under the Helios label and a cabernet rosé and sassy Anderson Valley gewürztraminer labeled Corazón. All are standard-bearers in their class."Colman Andrews,, August 2017

Finding balance in California

"Cathy Corison has been practising balance at her Napa winery for nearly 30 years."Oz Clarke, Decanter Magazine, January 14, 2017

Youth vs Age – Rewards of Patience

"Cathy Corison, one of Napa Valley's most thoughtful winemakers, planned it from the start: 'I've held wines back for re-release since the very beginning, 30 years ago,' she says. 'I knew the wines would age because of the long, distinguished history of the Cabernets grown on benchland between Rutherford and St Helena...' 'The wines go through a series of peaks and valleys with something to offer all along the way.'"Anne Krebiehl, Decanter Magazine, December 2016

The Decanter Interview

"Corison's wines have consistently eschewed the fads of the moment in favor of an abiding commitment to classical balance."William Kelley, Decanter, May 2016

Wonder Women: 10 Female California Winemakers to Watch

"A voice of restraint in a land of ‘look at me’ wines, Cathy Corison has been single-handedly championing elegant, fresh, lower alcohol California Cabernet at her eponymous winery since she launched her own label in 1987."Lucy Shaw,, 14th March, 2016

Tasting Integrity: 25 Years of Corison Napa Cabernet

"'This is how integrity tastes,' I found myself concluding as I tasted through 25 years of Cathy Corison's efforts to express what she thinks her little patch of Napa Valley can say. In addition to meaning honest and upright, integrity means wholeness and completeness, and both definitions apply to Cathy's wines individually, and as a group of 25 vintages."Alder Yarrow,, June 27,2015

At Corison Winery, the Focus on Napa Cabernet Never Blurs

"...try a Corison cabernet sauvignon. Better yet, try 25 vintages in a sitting... it was clear to me in tasting these wines that Corison is among the greatest producers of cabernet sauvignon in Napa Valley today. These were fresh wines of great balance and elegance that spoke clearly of their place and vintage, and were remarkably consistent in character through a quarter-century. They possess the capacity to age and become more complex, integrated and eloquent with time. Best of all, they demonstrate plainly that Napa cabernet can speak transparently and persuasively in a pure, restrained voice without artifice or bombast."Eric Asimov, New York, March 19, 2015

Wine Royalty, 7 Favorite Wines

"Cathy Corison is my heroine. She makes such great wine - the essence of Napa Valley minus the bludgeoning force, plus a sensible price tag. And I love the 2010s."Jancis Robinson, interviewed by Ray Isle, Food & Wine Magazine, October 2014

Top 100 Wines 2012

"One sniff of wine from Cathy Corison, our 2011 Winemaker of the Year, and you're instantly reminded what Cabernet truly is."Jon Bonné, San Francisco Chronicle, December 1, 2012

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

"And I must give special credit to the 1989 Corison. Cathy Corison's production is small, but her 1989 is surely the single most beautiful expression yet of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a study in what can be achieved when everything is right."Gerald Asher, Gourmet, June 1993

Wine; A Wine of One's Own

"WHAT WITH HIKING, BIRD WATCHING, mushrooming, wine making, gliding and theater-going, Cathy Corison is a woman of varied and consuming interests."Frank J. Prial, New York Times Magazine, September 8, 1991


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"Time in a Bottle: Can Napa Valley Cabernet Age?"

Financial Times »

"20 Most Admired Winemakers in North America. This is the second year that Cathy Corison has graced our “Most Admired” list, and it’s no mystery why: She makes some of the Napa Valley’s finest cabernet sauvignon wines… 'Patient and provocative, she’s known for being tireless, a bootstrapping self-made success with no time or aptitude for regrets. Look up integrity in the dictionary and there she’ll be.'"

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"ON THE TWELFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, THE GRAND CHAMPION... In the middle of this valley called Napa, sitting on the fringe of Rutherford and St. Helena terroirs, you will find a lot called Kronos, and the vines that live there could not have found a better tenant than one Cathy Corison…"

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"Cathy Corison named one of 2013's 20 Most Admired People in the North American wine industry by Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine"

Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine »

"I cannot remember any non-European red wines I have enjoyed more than Cathy Corison’s 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon and her 2008 Kronos Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon"

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"Napa's Cathy Corison: Self-Confessed Cabernet 'Chauvinist'"

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"Corison: elegant, drinkable, remarkable."

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"An iconoclast develops elegance and balance from Napa Cabernet"

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"Top 100 wines of 2008"

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"Not desperately intense or hot or massive or tannic, it's just so gentle and harmonious. A fine riposte to high alcohol Cabs."

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"[Corison] reminds that great Cabernet is born from balance and depth more than unbridled ripeness"

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"Nothing but the best"

The Quarterly Review of Wine »

"There is a tension in Corison's wines between power and elegance"

The Quarterly Review of Wine »

"Hiding in plain sight. Her signature style: viscous and full of fruit, with a hefty structure and doses of ripe tannin that portend a life measured in decades"

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"Corison- California Cabernet with Subtlety"

Linda Murphy »

"I want to be as close to my wines as possible. There's an intuitive thing that happens, and that's what makes great wine."

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"Face-to-face with her tremendous efforts and intangible artistry, people buy her wine because they believe in her ability to wrestle an amazing bottle from the land, no matter the growing seasont"

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"Arguably the best Cabernet in the Napa Valley"

Dan Berger »

"Uncompromising in her commitment to Cabernets that have the stamp of terroir as well as their Napa roots."

Vintage Experiences »

"One of Napa's most expressive single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons"

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"Corison's wines, like the ancient pottery shards that grace the labels, are of another time and place, even as they are firmly and undeniably some of the best of Napa"

Vinography »

"Corison makes wines to be great all their lives, a patient, provocative style"

The Press Democrat »

"Corison: Not Just Any Napa Cabernet"

Gerald D. Boyd »

"Wines of clarity, balance and finesse"

The Sacramento Bee »


"Visiting the Corison Winery tasting room on Highway 29 near St. Helena, on one of the most heavily traveled wine routes in the world, is a trek back in time"

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"In the end, I can't make wine any better than the grapes that come in"

Wines & Vines »


"And I must give special credit to the 1989 Corison. Cathy Corison's production is small, but her 1989 is surely the single most beautiful expression yet of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a study in what can be achieved when everything is right."

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"A Wine of One's Own"

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"Cathy Corison has been making food-friendly wines throughout her winemaking career"

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Wine Portfolio

Kronos Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Corison Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Sunbasket Cabernet Sauvignon

Helios Napa Valley Cabernet Franc

Corazón Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

Corazón Anderson Valley Gewürztraminer


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