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Winegrower Cathy Corison produces artisanal, age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon that speaks of place, sourcing great benchland vineyards between Rutherford and St. Helena. We invite you to experience a unique glimpse inside a small, family-owned working winery the next time you are in the Napa Valley.


Raptor on perch in Kronos Vineyard

In The Vineyard

Cathy and William have been farming Kronos Vineyard sustainably for a quarter century. When they purchased Sunbasket Vineyard in 2015 they began to do so there as well, and both vineyards are Napa Green Land and Fish Friendly Farming certified. A cover crop of peas, vetch and fava beans sources nitrogen from the air and fixes it in the soil. Tilling in compost nourishes the soil's microbiome, and both practices promote good soil structure.

We have bird boxes throughout the vineyard to house bluebirds and owls who protect the vines. Bluebirds eat up to 2000 insects each day, and owls eat the rabbits and rodents. Raptors pitch in as well, so we have set up perches to attract them. We love watching them hunt and play - zoom in on the red-tailed hawk in the photo above! By creating this healthy ecosystem, our vines should thrive for many decades to come.

Three Corison Cabernets

Shipping Included!

We're delighted to hear that a bottle of Corison Cabernet is a comfort at the end of a challenging day. To help you stock up, we will include shipping* on all online orders with a bottle of Cabernet. Enter code SHIP2020 at checkout.


"You gave me the perfect end to the craziest week of my career. After seeing to the remote learning for 43,000 students...this Sunbasket from 2014 hit the spot!" - Missy, Georgia, USA

"After a whirlwind week at work, it's time for some much needed lax and libation. Tonight's soul soothing ointment comes in the form of Cathy Corison’s 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon from St. Helena in Napa Valley." - Evan, Austin, TX, Sommelier and Wine Educator

"Thanks for making a wine so lovely that it is comforting (and uplifting)..." - John Winthrop Haeger, Winewriter and Consultant

*Shipping will be included on orders going to states in the continental US where we are permitted to ship (see policies for a complete list) through 15 April, 2020.

Cathy Corison talks about the 2010 Kronos re-release

2010 Kronos Limited Re-Release

The front doors might be shut, but our wine library is open! We're thrilled to offer a limited re-release of the 2010 Corison Kronos Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.* Reaching the decade sweet spot that Cathy Corison often talks about, this wine is singing. It's one of Cathy's favorite vintages of the past decade!


For this special release, we join the Napa Valley Vintners and many Napa Valley wineries on 30-31 March to highlight special wines from our libraries with this #openthecellar offer.

*Shipping is included on all orders with a bottle of Cabernet going to states in the Continental US where we are permitted to ship (see policies for a complete list) through 15 April, 2020.